Parents ‘put teens into sex work’

NZ Herald Dec 4, 2010 

Teenagers in South Auckland are being sent to work as prostitutes by their parents to pay for drugs, says an Auckland Council member. Sharon Stewart challenged fellow councillors this week to see what was happening for themselves during debate on a bill banning street prostitution in parts of Manukau. Mrs Stewart, who represents the Howick ward, said young girls and boys were often on the streets – some of them sent there by their parents. “Some of their parents are taking them there to get money for drugs.” She told the council meeting that girls as young as 13 were working the streets and urged councillors from other areas of Auckland to join community workers and police one night. The view was supported by former Manukau City councillor Colleen Brown, who this year took a group of people to Manurewa so they could see what was happening for themselves.