Overseas prostitute says NZ low risk

NZ Herald Oct 14, 2010
Legalised prostitution has encouraged foreign sex workers to move here without visas or residency because it is “low risk”, a prostitute has said. Kimmy, a prostitute from Seoul who works in central Auckland, said New Zealand was a “popular choice” because the laws were more “relaxed” and immigration penalties low. She said working in her native country could land her in prison for a year or fined up to nearly $4000 under tough new laws.  “The risk is small here because the only law I am breaking are immigration laws, which is not so serious,” she said. “The risk to work in New Zealand is very much lower than in South Korea. “The money is better too,” she said. Under the Prostitution Reform Act 2003, only New Zealand citizens and residents can work in the sex industry.