No checks on mother of drowned baby: CYF

NZ Herald Sep 29, 2010
Child, Youth and Family has admitted it did not carry out checks before letting a family resume caring for its baby two days before it drowned in a bathtub. The 29-year-old mother of the child, whose name is suppressed, was jailed yesterday for 2 years and 10 months for the manslaughter of her 13-month-old son whom she left alone in a deep bath last November. The woman cannot be named because her 5-year-old daughter was sexually abused in CYF care – a detail that emerged during her trial in the High Court at Auckland in August. Victims of sexual abuse automatically receive name suppression. Both children were returned to her care only two days before she left the baby to drown. CYF said a combination of inexperienced staff, high workloads and confusion over dates led to staff failing to properly assess whether the woman was able to care for her children.