Home and Away scene ruled too raunchy

Home and Away scene ruled too raunchy
NZ Herald Sep 20, 2010
A “raunchy and sexually charged” scene on prime-time soap opera Home and Away, along with a graphic scene depicting oral sex in comedy-drama series Hung, breached broadcasting standards, the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) has ruled. In decisions released today, the BSA said the Home and Away episode, which aired on TV3 at 5.30pm on March 24 with a General (G) classification, breached standards relating to responsible programming, children’s interests, and good taste and decency. During the episode, two adult characters, Martha and Liam, began kissing and Liam removed Martha’s bathrobe, leaving her in a bra and pyjama pants. Liam then lay back on a table while Martha straddled him as they continued to kiss until another character walked in. TV3’s broadcaster TVWorks said that the programme had screened in a timeslot that was not considered to be predominately children’s viewing time on the channel and that child viewers would not be alarmed or distressed by such scenes. The BSA disagreed, saying the programme was “raunchy and sexually charged” and went well beyond the level of sexual activity that should be included in a G-rated programme. …Lobby group Family First NZ national director Bob McCoskrie welcomed the decisions and said he hoped they would set a precedent. Finally, the authority has put the welfare and protection of families before the rights of broadcasters to offend children and families with sexual and offensive content.”
Raunchy and ‘soft porn’ sex scenes fall foul of TV watchdog NZ Herald 21 Sep 2010
The country’s two main broadcasters have been told off for airing sexual scenes – one during children’s viewing times – breaching broadcasting standards. Both TVNZ and TV3 said last night they are considering appealing against the decisions after the Broadcasting Standards Authority upheld complaints against them. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10674980