Girls ‘are twice as likely to start dieting if their mother does’

Mail Online (UK) 18th November 2010
Teenage girls are more than twice as likely to diet if their mother is constantly watching her weight, research shows. The ‘Thinheritance’ poll of more than 2,500 British 13 to 19 year-olds paints a worrying picture of the pressures young girls are under to stay thin. Comments from parents, attitudes of friends and pictures of size zero celebrities have pushed 15 per cent teenage girls to regularly dieting. Worryingly, many those who have grown up with a mother who has flitted from one diet plan to another, appear to see cutting calories as a way of life. Some 35 per cent of teenage girls whose mothers worry about their weight diet themselves, the poll for teen magazine Sugar found. Mothers’ attitudes to celebrity shapes also carry weight, with girls being more likely to fret about their waistline if they hear admiring comments about slim film and pop stars at home.