Bras for 6 year olds wrong, NZ store decides

NZ Herald Sep 30, 2010
A range of bras for girls as young as six, attacked in Australia as “irresponsible”, will not be sold in New Zealand. The brightly coloured bras, known as “bralettes”, are available in Australia, and critics say children as young as six years old have been pressuring their parents into buying them. The garments, made by Bonds underwear, are being sold in Australian K-Mart stores and start in a child’s size six. They have come on to the market after padded bras, which have been developed for girls as young as eight. But Bonds New Zealand spokeswoman Nicola Brook said the company had made the decision that selling bras for girls that young was wrong. The decision has been welcomed by Family First leader Bob McCoskrie, who hoped other clothing manufacturers would take heed. He believed exposing young girls to bras at that age could lead to other disorders later in life. “It’s effectively pornification of children; some people have labelled it corporate paedophilia,” he said.