Big drop in family violence in Wairarapa

Wairarapa News 24/11/2010
Police and community agencies in the Wairarapa are making real progress in the battle against domestic violence. The number of incidents in region has almost halved since services refocused during the past year. Police family violence co-ordinator and Family Safety Team supervisor, Glenn Taplin, said work with domestic violence in Wairarapa had got to the point where they seemed to be “going through the motions”, so they employed an external contractor to re-examine what they were doing and bring a more co-ordinated approach. Mr Field developed a strategic plan to get all the groups working more closely together to cast a wider net over as many affected families as possible. Since the refocus during the past 12 months, the average number of domestic violence incidents has dropped from around 28 to 30 per week in Wairarapa to 14 to 18.
…..Everybody from health professionals such as GPs, addiction services, elderly care, Relationship Services, to specific organisations that target domestic abuse such as CYFS and Stopping Violence Services are now sharing information and co-ordinating their actions.