Be faithful – live longer: Study

Telegraph (UK) 08 Nov 2010
Italian medical researchers carried out a series of studies as part of the conference, and found that a healthy sex life means fewer cardiovascular problems for men. The investigation was carried out by the Italian Society of Sexual Medicine who are holding their annual congress in the city of Modena. Dr Emmanuele Jannini, coordinator of the research, said: “What was evident from the research was that men who had active sex lives and were faithful to their partners had fewer cardiovascular complaints and lived longer.
“Increased sexual activity produces more testosterone, which leads to less depression and a better cardiovascular performance which means an improved metabolism.” Dr Jannini said the research has been carried out by the University of Florence on 4,000 men and the study revealed that those who were unfaithful had a poor cardiovascular performance because they were “also coping with the increased stress of their infidelity.”