25% of people in early 20s found to have drink problem

The Press 23/09/2010
A quarter of Christchurch people in their early 20s have an alcohol abuse or dependence problem, a Christchurch study shows. Otago University’s Christchurch Health and Development Study has followed 1265 children born in 1977. About 1000 people are still in the study and were last interviewed aged 30. Researcher Joe Boden said about 25 per cent of participants filled the criteria for an alcohol abuse or dependence problem when aged between 22 and 25. Symptoms of an alcohol disorder included objections from family or friends about drinking, getting into trouble with work or studies because of alcohol, getting into fights or arrested, and relationship breakups over drinking. Boden said the number of heavy drinkers among 22 to 25-year-olds had probably risen because women were now drinking more.