Will Govt Response to Alcohol Laws Benefit Families?

Family First NZ will be attending a pre-announcement stakeholder’s meeting at the Ministry of Justice in Wellington today at Midday to hear the Government’s response to the Law Commission’s ‘Alcohol in our Lives’ Report

“Based on pre-announcements and hints, it looks like the government will be tinkering with an important social problem that needs a strong response,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First, who will be attending the meeting. “This will be a tragedy for New Zealand and for kiwi families.”

Family First is looking for strong action in the following areas:
* substantial reduction of marketing and advertising
* reduce alcohol accessibility – remove sale of alcohol from residential area bottle stores, grocery stores and supermarkets.
* More community say in the number and location of alcohol outlets.
* raise the tax on alcohol to cover the $7b cost of alcohol harm.
* Minimum pricing with no ‘loss leading’.
* raise the drinking age to 20
* penalties for public drunkenness
* health warnings on alcohol products and advertising
* increased treatment opportunities

“When so much of our domestic violence and child abuse is driven by alcohol and the binge culture which exists in NZ, Family First is desperate for a response from the government which will undo the increasing levels of harm caused by the liberalization of the laws in 1989 and then again in 1999.”