TV star plans brothel

NZ Herald Aug 3, 2010

Former politician and high-profile broadcaster Pam Corkery has been linked to plans for New Zealand’s first brothel for women. The Herald understands the ex-Alliance MP is on the hunt for a property to house the bordello – where sex workers will be male and clients female. She is believed to be looking for property in central Auckland. One source said the concept involved a spa, bar and bordello where women could “come and either just drink and be titillated, or go the whole nine yards”.

….Australian feminist advocate Melinda Tankard Reist, who will be in Auckland this week to speak at a forum run by lobby group Family First, said she was disgusted with the idea of the sale of sex from men to women. Turning the tables did not make prostitution right or the situation any better for women, she said. “It’s no great advancement for women’s empowerment to say that we can now buy men for sex. It’s no great sign of liberation. Prostitution from men for women is still about the trade in human bodies and human flesh … just because it’s men that’s being sold doesn’t make it any better. It’s still very wrong.”