Teenage promiscuity and abortions is linked to women’s binge drinking

Daily Mail (UK) 21st August 2010

The devastating effects of excess alcohol on young women have been spelled out by a major study. The study, the most extensive of its kind, paints a disturbing picture of girls having casual, unprotected sex under the influence of alcohol which they often regret as soon as they sober up. It also shows that the number of people of both sexes drinking to excess has tripled in a decade. At the same time, official statistics show that the number of abortions has soared to make Britain the termination capital of Europe. Doctors, meanwhile, are seeing more and more girls wanting the morning-after pill after a night of drunken, unprotected sex. Researchers from University College London examined the alcohol consumption and sexual activity of almost 25,000 individuals aged 16 to 44 over a ten-year period.