‘Learn to say no to spoilt kids’

Sunday Star Times 08/08/2010

NZ parents need to “get their back bones back” and learn how to say no to their children to stop what a British psychologist is calling a “spoilt generation”. Aric Sigman made his presence known in New Zealand last week, having been brought over by lobby group Family First to speak at their “Forum on the Family”, held in Auckland on Friday. Sigman, a father of four children, said he had travelled extensively and read hundreds of studies and the one commonality he kept finding throughout the world was that parents had lost control and had no respect from their children. His response was a book entitled The Spoilt Generation. “We now live in the time of the child-centred upbringing,” he said. The rights of children had increased to a point where parents no longer felt they could say no, felt guilty if they criticised a child rather than constantly lavishing praise, and pandered to what the child was interested in rather than his or her best interests.