Attacks on parents rise

Sunday News 15/08/2010

VIOLENT children are bashing and abusing their mums and dads as kiddie power grows out of control, say experts. A New Zealand parents group boss says children as young as five are staunching out their guardians. And a visiting expert says parent abuse here is getting as bad as in the US and UK. British psychologist Aric Sigman spoke about the trend at the Family First Forum in Auckland recently. Sigman said many parents were giving into their children’s demands and kids were becoming dominant in family relationships.

…Last year, 444 children aged 14 to 16 were apprehended for domestic common assault – up from 339 in 2008 and way up from the 114 in 2000, Statistics New Zealand figures showed. A further 17 were apprehended for common assault using a weapon (not a firearm) in a domestic situation. For those aged 10-13, there were 130 common assaults reported in 2009 – up from 95 in 2008 and 50 in 2000. And for under-nines, there were six domestic common assaults reported in 2009, nine in 2008, two in 2007 and three in 2006. In 2008, Nelson police spoke out about a trend of parent abuse. They believed it could have been as a result of the introduction of the anti-smacking bill, because it meant parents were worried about restraining violent children.
 READ Parent Abuse on the Rise: A Historical Review
American Association of Behavioural Social Science Online Journal 2004
“…the most important factor, is that these studies have shown parental permissiveness to play a major role in parent abuse. Many parents are still encouraged to take a lax, permissive approach to their parenting, which puts them at a higher risk for parent abuse, and their children at higher risk for delinquency.”