Young women become more violent

The Press 19/07/2010

Young Kiwi women are becoming more violent, with disorder and violence convictions more than doubling since 2000. The sharp increase in convictions is being blamed on excess alcohol, family violence and a desire to be one of the boys. Between 2000 and 2009, convictions soared for young women committing public order offences and acts intended to injure, Justice Ministry figures show. The most marked rise was for women aged 17 to 24. Nationally, in 2009, there were 715 convictions for women in that age group for acts intended to injure, compared with 341 in 2000. In 2009, there were 808 convictions for public-order offences for that age bracket, compared with 176 in 2000.

Senior Sergeant Gordon Spite, officer in charge of the Christchurch beat section, said there was “no doubt” women were featuring more in disorder and violent offences. “We are picking up girls who are grossly intoxicated, and there’s a clear link between excessive alcohol consumption and violence,” he said.