Only one in seven parents sees smacking children as ‘very high risk’

Telegraph (UK) 08 Jul 2010

Just one in seven parents sees smacking as a “very high risk” to children, according to a survey. The poll by The Children’s Society also found that only a third of adults thought being slapped posed a “high risk” to young people. A similar proportion thought that being hit by their parents had little effect on children, with pensioners particularly likely to think that it was physically or emotionally damaging.

In addition, 16 per cent thought that smacking children posed no risk at all to the young. The highest risk identified in the survey of 2,047 adults was letting a child play outdoors late on a summer’s evening without knowing where they were. Respondents were asked to rate how much risk several scenarios posed to children. The Children’s Society, the charity backed by the Church of England, claimed that widespread fears about young people’s safety outdoors could be misplaced as they are more likely to come to harm inside their family homes.