Mum faces more fights over TV ads

Sunday Star Times 25/07/2010

A Waikato mum has won a battle with TVNZ over the screening of graphic advertisements during a children’s film but the state broadcaster has warned parents it will continue to show ads with “hazards attached”. TVNZ will now put “graphic” warnings on Land Transport New Zealand ads so staff do not play them too early after Sarah O’Neill complained that her children watched a frightening car crash advertisement during Toy Story.
But the network has stuck by its decision to play an alcohol ad and a promo for Desperate Housewives (again featuring a car crash) during another children’s film. Spokeswoman Megan Richards said TVNZ would continue to play ads unsuitable for children between 8.30pm and 9pm and warned parents to be on their guard. “Anything after 8.30pm should be treated [by parents] as having hazards attached,” Richards said

Family First’s national director Bob McCoskrie said there should be an independent organisation set up to monitor TV content. “We don’t trust the networks to make these value judgements. I don’t think parents should be sitting with the remote control in their hands like a gun in a holster ready to change the channel when an offensive ad or promo comes up.”