Child abuse link to same-sex encounters

Newstalk ZB 22/07/2010

New research suggests people who are homosexual or have same-sex encounters are more likely to have been victims of abuse as children. The study by the University of Otago, in Christchurch, involved face-to-face interviews with almost 13,000 people aged 16 and over, in order to explore aspects of sexual orientation. Prof Elisabeth Wells says the research found that the more adverse events experienced in childhood, the more likely someone was to belong to a non-exclusively heterosexual group.

“The ones that seemed to matter most for this association, were sexual assault, rape, violence to a child, really being beaten up.” Prof Wells says the link should not be regarded as an indication of sexual orientation. “That link isn’t such that you can say a disturbed background is non-hetrosexual or if someone is non-hetrosexual they must have had a disturbed background. It’s just a relationship.”
Childhood abuse and homosexuality linked in study
NZ Herald 22 July 2010 …Family First spokesman Bob McCoskrie said there should always be concerns around the possible outcomes of childhood abuse.