Brothel near school closes doors

Western Leader / NZPA 23/07/2010 

A west Auckland school has a heartfelt message of thanks for the men who refused to use a brothel which opened across the road from its front gate earlier this year. The brothel in Lincoln Rd, Henderson, opened in April in full view of the main entrance to Henderson Intermediate School, but closed a few days ago. The brothel caused an outrage in the community with the school board chairman Ron Crawford saying the school’s 500 students should be able to go to and from school without looking at a brothel, he said. He had vowed to fight until the brothel closed. Today Mr Crawford thanked the community for its support, including the clients who he believed stayed away because they objected to its location but also because vehicles would be easily recognised in such a high-profile location.

Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said opening a brothel near the school entrance showed the law had failed and it was disappointing it took negative publicity and protests of residents, the school and parents to force the closure. Families could avoid red light areas but to allow street prostitution in family shopping areas and brothels next to a family home or sensitive sites such as a schools, playgrounds or churches was unacceptable, he said. It was time for the government to amend the law in the interests of families, he said.