Watchdog says apology for on-air tirade sufficient

NZ Herald Jun 8, 2010

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has chosen not to uphold a complaint about a tirade of swear words on RadioLive. The BSA had sent out a list of the 30 worst words a survey had shown the public did not want to hear on radio and television. Radio presenter Martin Devlin read out the list, with a buzzer masking the words. However, the buzzer was sometimes mis-timed.

A listener, Andrew McMillan, complained to Devlin’s employer, RadioWorks, that the programme had breached the standards of good taste and decency. As a result, the company spoke to Devlin and other staff and formally apologised to Mr McMillan. Mr McMillan then lodged a formal complaint with the authority. But it has decided not to uphold it. Its decision reads: “We consider that the action taken by RadioWorks after upholding the complaint was sufficient.”