Strict and loving relationship key to stopping teenage alcohol abuse

Telegraph (UK) 24 June 2010
A strict but loving relationship with your children is the best the way to stop them going off the rails, new research suggests. Researchers found that was the best combination of parenting skills to stop them abusing alcohol. Being too strict or too affectionate on the other hand at least doubled their chances of binge drinking.

Researchers asked almost 5,000 adolescents aged between 12 and 19 about their drinking habits and about their parents. Teenagers most at risk of bingeing on booze had loving parents who didn’t know where they were. This group tripled their risk of being heavy drinkers. But teenagers with strict parents who knew where they were but were low on warmth still doubled the risk. The teenagers least prone to heavy drinking – having more than five drinks in a row – had parents who scored highly on both knowing where their kids were and having a warm relationship with them. The research, published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, was by experts from Brigham Young University in Utah.