Yeah right not right: Brewery to church

ONE News May 27, 2010

Tui has been running its Yeah Right billboards for several years, but when a Tauranga church imitated the popular beer ad with its own sign DB Breweries called for it to be taken down. Bethlehem Community Church got a call from DB’s lawyer after erecting a sign reading “Atheists have nothing to worry about! Yeah Right”. Tui brand manager Jarrod Bear said on TV ONE’s Breakfast programme that although they are flattered by the imitation, consumers expects a consistent message from the Tui brand and the church’s billboard does not fit.

But Family First NZ is advising the church to continue advertising their billboards despite the legal pressure. “Family First came under the same pressure from DB when we put up a billboard in March on the Southern motorway in Auckland highlighting the issue of the value of stay-home mums,” says national director Bob McCoskrie. He says the organisation sought legal advice which said they were free to use the words ‘yeah right’ which were only restricted when advertising beer. And he says the advice was that although the billboard would be recognised by most viewers as having some similarity to the well known Tui beer advertisements, that, of itself, is not sufficient to make the billboard in breach of the Fair Trading Act.
LISTEN Bob McCoskrie talks to Radio Live’s Marcus Lush about the legal issues surrounding this issue