Coroner inquests into Kahui deaths this year

Sunday Star Times 2 May 2010

The inquests into New Zealand’s most notorious unsolved child killings will be set down for hearing in the next few months, says the chief coroner. Chief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean told the Sunday Star-Times he had appointed Wellington coroner Garry Evans to conduct the inquests into the June 2006 deaths of three-month-old Auckland twins Chris and Cru Kahui, as soon as they were ready for hearing. Widely circulated media reports that the inquests had been adjourned indefinitely were incorrect, he said.

His statement comes after the release of an Independent Police Conduct Authority report that found police investigating the deaths showed “errors of judgement” and did not record evidence to the standard expected. ..Police have said the investigation will not be restarted until fresh information comes to light. Lobby groups Family First and the Sensible Sentencing Trust have put up a $50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction, which has yielded nothing of significance to date. Spokesmen for the groups said they remained hopeful that the renewed attention on the case would help ratchet up the pressure on those who knew something to come forward, and allow police to renew the investigation.