Children as young as three questioned about kissing and flirting (Aust!)

Herald Sun (Aust) May 18, 2010

Children as young as three have been questioned about kissing and flirting in a project by a university researcher from Melbourne. Monash University’s Dr Mindy Blaise, who spent five days at an unnamed childcare centre, wants sexuality to be an official subject at kinders and preschool centres. It would include discussions about homosexuality. Dr Blaise said it was important that kids felt “healthy sexuality was not dirty or wrong”. Boys and girls as young as three were asked questions such as “Are you a flirt? and “Have you ever kissed a boy?”

Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said he was deeply concerned by the research and surprised it cleared the university’s ethics committee. “Why the hell can’t we just let children be children?” he said. Australian Family Association spokeswoman Terri Kelleher said pre-school children should not be questioned about sexuality. “We’re surprised such research would be carried out drawing the attention of pre-school children to such matters,” she said. “Children of that age would not be thinking of sexual or gender issues.”