Working mums strike back

NZ Herald Apr 15, 2010

Claims working mothers should quit complaining because they “have never had it so good” have prompted anger from women’s groups who say juggling parenting and work is no easy task. An opinion piece by Jenny Dillon published in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph this week, said fewer children and more labour-saving devices meant working women had never had it so good. Dillon claims many working women have been perpetuating a hoax for the past 40 years – “pretending that running a household is still as hard it as it was 40 years ago”. She said mothers of that era were standing over the agitator washing machine, down on their knees polishing linoleum, baking biscuits from scratch, digging the vegetable garden and shopping daily. “They were the real working mothers,” she said in the piece, which was picked up by other Australian papers and international websites. In New Zealand – where there are more than 900,000 working mothers – her comments shocked and angered many modern mothers who believe juggling a career and motherhood is harder than ever.