Study links violence to number of liquor outlets

TVNZ News April 23, 2010

For every new liquor outlet there is an increase in the number of police incidents, according to a new study by Waikato University. The study, by the population studies centre, compared the level of alcohol-related harm to the number of liquor outlets in the Manakau community.
Researchers found the addition of a single off-licence was associated with an extra 60 to 65 police events or incidents in the year until June 2009. Each additional club or bar was associated with an extra 98 to 101 police events or incidents, while an extra restaurant or cafe was associated with an extra 24 to 29 police events or incidents.

The information could be used by local authorities to determine the amount of harm new outlets have on their communities, said Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (Alac) chief executive Gerard Vaughan. “We have now for the first time a New Zealand model that can be used by local authorities to show the impacts of extra liquor outlets,” Vaughan said.