Return the drinking age to 20 – Law Commission

The Dominion Post 27/04/2010

The Law Commission is urging the Government to hike alcohol prices by an average of 10 per cent and raise the drinking age to 20. In a report released today, the commission also calls for regulations to prevent “irresponsible” promotions that encourage the excessive consumption or purchase of alcohol, the introduction of national maximum closing hours for both on and off licences – 4am and 10pm – and regulating alcohol advertising and sponsorship over time.
Too drunk to walk? That’ll be $250
NZ Herald
Drinking teens’ parents face fines
The Press 28/04/2010
Parents could be prosecuted for failing to supervise their children’s drinking under new alcohol controls proposed by the Law Commission. The Law Commission report, released yesterday, includes a proposed $5000 maximum fine for parents who do not supervise the drinking of alcohol they have bought for under-18-year-olds.