Kiwi mums feel they’re not measuring up

Sunday Star Times 11/04/2010
Forget the idea of the yummy mummy: 21st-century mothers are feeling overwhelmed, under-supported, unsexy and terrified of making the wrong choices, according to preliminary findings from a study into the psyche of Kiwi mums. And not only that – the study suggests that rates of post-natal depression among mothers is much higher than the one-in-five figure currently accepted. …The online study, created by two Australian women, attracted a massive response from mothers in New Zealand and Australia. Between last May and December 4708 women (half from each country) answered 131 questions, including ones asking if they were doing a good job as a mum and as a partner, and whether they had the right support.

…Of the mothers who responded to the survey only 12% said they felt satisfied with their appearance. The overwhelming majority were very dissatisfied, Hedley-Ward said. Over two-thirds of the women said the way they felt about their bodies affected their desire to be intimate with their partners (though many of those conceded that their husbands still found them attractive despite their harsh self-assessment). Only 13% of respondents said they spent regular quality time with their husbands or partners. Other bad news: 12% reported feeling satisfied with their health and fitness, and just 5% reported that they looked their best ever when they answered the survey. Hedley-Ward took that to mean most women feel the best point of their life is in the past.

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