Families getting fat on cheap junk food

The Daily Telegraph April 17, 2010 

The cost of healthy food is growing at a much faster rate than junk food and the price disparity might be contributing to the nation’s health and obesity problems. The cost of a basket of healthy food increased by 50 per cent – or $148.87 – in the six years to 2006, a study published in the Australian And New Zealand Journal Of Public Health found.

Fruit prices jumped 119.6 per cent between 1998 and 2006 while the price of vegetables rose by 45.1 per cent. Meat and seafood prices jumped 39.9 per cent, dairy products rose 35.3 per cent and bread 27.7 per cent. The price of junk food soft drinks hardly shifted at all in comparison, rising just 5.6 per cent over the six-year period. The price of takeaway, fast foods, snacks and confectionery grew by about 40 per cent, just a third of the jump in fruit prices.