Australian mums suffering from sleep deprivation

Herald Sun April 27, 2010

Sleep deprivation is having a staggering effect on Australian mothers, according to new research. Almost every mum with children aged under two – 97 per cent – has suffered sleep deprivation, the research shows. The lack of sleep is affecting their ability to enjoy quality time with their baby and sometimes life in general.

A quarter of mothers with a child under two surveyed admitted a lack of sleep was making them feel unable to cope with life. One in three of the 1000 mothers surveyed said sleep deprivation was putting a strain on their relationships. Three-quarters admitted they felt exhausted and run down, while 70 per cent said it made them irritable and cranky. The Pampers Nappies Sleep Report, conducted with Tresillian Family Care Centres, found 25 per cent of mums believed sleep deprivation made them more prone to illness.