Horror splatter-video funded by NZ On Air

Sunday Star Times 28 Mar 2010
Anti-violence groups are calling for a taxpayer-funded music video featuring the son of comedian Mike King to be banned, slating the slasher-style clip as “violent, misogynist pornography”. An extended, online version of the video for Nathan King’s second single “Forever” depicts the rapper, who performs under the name “Dirty Sesh”, crouching over a bound woman with a knife to her head, before stabbing her in a frenzy and cutting out her organs. The clip, which features shots of mutilated women’s bodies and body parts, then segues into the television version of the video, which shows the rapper stalking a young couple in a park, dispatching the boyfriend, then driving the woman to a secluded hut. The television version ends with the woman screaming as the hooded rapper appears; in the online version, he assaults her.

Kim McGregor, director of Rape Prevention Education, has written to the prime minister and a number of cabinet ministers asking them to push for the video to be banned. She had shown the clip to a focus group of young professional women, who had been deeply upset by its content. “What they found disturbing was the pure unadulterated hatred of women that was portrayed,” McGregor said. “Would this be funded by NZ on Air if it had portrayed the dismemberment of small animals?”