Crow defends Boobs parade

Manawatu Standard 20/03/2010

Bare-breasted women will cruise the streets of Palmerston North, Levin and Whanganui next month if plans to expand the controversial Boobs on Bikes parade go ahead. Pornographer Steve Crow is holding his Erotica Expo and Boobs on Bike parade in Palmerston North over Anzac Weekend, despite complaints from people opposed to sharing the time of remembrance with porn stars, sex toys and naked bikers. Boobs on Bikes, in which scantily-clad men and women drive in a motorcycle convoy, was only to be held in Palmerston North on April 23. But Mr Crow has other plans. “We are going to try something that we’ve never done,” he said.

Parades will be held on Levin’s Oxford St and Whanganui’s London St and Victoria Ave before heading to The Square in Palmerston North. Apart from calling Whanganui mayor Michael Laws, Mr Crow said he would not be contacting local authorities. “We just do it. If you ask people for permission you just get bogged down and it all gets too difficult,” Mr Crow said. “It’s a freedom-of-expression type of thing.”