Parents drop discipline to avoid upsetting kids (UK), 17 February 2010

One in four parents avoid disciplining their children because they want an “easy life” and fear upsetting them, according to a new survey. The survey, commissioned by the Cadet Forces, portrays a dire picture of parental discipline in the UK. It reveals that parents are often reluctant to discipline their children because they fear being seen as too strict or unfair, and that 30 per cent of parents describe themselves as being a “pushover”.

The survey shows that 55 per cent of parents in the UK see themselves as “more of a friend than a parent”, and would rather talk things through with their children than discipline them. A spokesman for the Cadet Forces said: “Discipline is all part of growing up and it’s important for children that they are taught the difference between right and wrong.” The spokesman added: “Our survey suggests that parents tend to avoid ticking off their children because its easier than having to deal with them kicking up more of a fuss.” The study also revealed that many parents are concerned about the dangers of not disciplining their children.