Chinese students lured to become sex workers

NZ Herald Feb 27, 2010

Sex workers are using a bilingual sex information leaflet to recruit international students and other young Chinese women into the industry. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a 20-year-old Chinese international student told the Weekend Heraldshe decided to become a sex worker after being given the Working in New Zealand leaflet, which is produced by the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective. “It is not easy for international students to find employment in New Zealand, and reading the brochure made me feel less afraid of getting into sex work,” she said in Mandarin. Older, more experienced prostitutes hand the booklets to young Chinese women.

The brochure spells out, in Chinese and English, exactly how to start working in the sex industry – including advice on what to wear, getting started, how to select a working name and how to perform sex tricks. “Young Asian girls are being recruited by older sex workers, who use us to get new customers, and work with them to provide a bi-double service to make more money,” she said. Working privately from a North Shore City suburb, the business student, who came to New Zealand on a student permit, said she knew of at least three other Chinese students – not all on student permits – who turned to sex work after receiving the leaflets. The brochures are readily available for pickup at the reception counter at the collective’s Auckland office in Karangahape Rd, but they are also distributed by its volunteers and staff.

Although prostitution was decriminalised in 2003, it is unlawful for any person on a temporary permit to work in the sex industry, says Immigration New Zealand. “Immigration New Zealand takes all allegations of this nature seriously and will take action against any individual found to be breaching the conditions of their permit in this way,” said department head Nigel Bickle. A police source said Auckland police were also alarmed at the rising number of ads in local Chinese media promoting “student sex”.