Aussie parents get strict and back smacking

The Daily Telegraph February 20, 2010 

Parents should smack their children, veto their teenagers’ dating arrangements and enforce a legal drinking age of 21, a new survey suggests. The wide-ranging study of more than 1000 mums and dads in Australia concluded that although the majority of young parents were seen as over-protective, most working mothers would prefer more time with their offspring, citing “financial constraints” as the reason they were not at home on a full-time basis.

During their formative years, most children were disciplined by both parents — although just 12 per cent reported that fathers were “mostly responsible” for keeping their sons and daughters in line. While 83 per cent of respondents to the Galaxy poll commissioned by The Daily Telegraph believed it was OK for children to be smacked for misbehaviour, punishments such as washing a child’s mouth out with soap or hitting with a wooden spoon were no longer acceptable.