Women’s virginity ‘a precious gift’, says Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

Herald Sun January 26, 2010

Australian women are capable of making their own sexual choices and do not want to be told what to do by Tony Abbott, says Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Her comments come after the Opposition Leader said he believed women should regard their virginity as “a gift’ that should not be given away lightly. Ms Gillard said Mr Abbott’s comments confirmed the worst fears Australian women had about him. “Australian women want to make their own choices and they don’t want to be lectured to by Mr Abbott,” Ms Gillard said.

The Opposition Leader says men and women tempted by sex before marriage should try to abide by “the rules” but at least use contraception if they can’t wait. But Mr Abbott confessed today his daughters have told him to keep his lifestyle advice on sex and drugs to himself, saying they’ve told him “Dad, you did all of those things … and I did”. Mr Abbott, who has previously admitted to once drinking “some sort of hemp yoghurt” that left him “away with the fairies for about 12 hours” told 3AW today he had a chequered past, saying he is “no one’s parish priest” and he did not want to offer sexual counselling to the nation. The Liberal leader fleshed out his advice on virginity, urging men to not act in ways that “demean others” but suggesting young women should not “give themselves away lightly”.

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