Married men earn a third more than their single counterparts

Mail Online (UK) 30th January 2010

Married men earn nearly one third more than single males because they work harder, new research reveals. Tying the knot means men get paid seven per cent more than unmarried men even if differences in age, education and experience are taken into account. They also earn four per cent more than men who live with their partners, according to a 12,000-strong survey.

Experts say the pay gap could be because men develop a stronger work ethic after they marry. ‘Results indicate that a lower level of pay satisfaction induces married men to put more effort into their work, which leads to higher wages,’ said academics at the University of Bielefeld in Germany. They analysed data from 12,245 interviewees on a wide range of subjects including household composition, employment status, working hours, income and time spent on household tasks.