Trend in babycare ‘scary’

The Nelson Mail 22/12/2009

A big increase in the number of under-ones in childcare is due to the fact it has become socially acceptable, says the head of a home-based childcare organisation. New figures in an Education Ministry report show a 21 per cent increase in four years to nearly 8000 under-ones in daycare. Porse managing director Jenny Yule said the increase was because childcare centres had become visible. “People see them like McDonald’s; there’s one on every corner. “It’s become the norm and it’s socially acceptable. It’s OK to have your baby in childcare.” However, she believes the trend has lost sight of what is best for the baby. Porse’s in-home childcare was about a baby needing an attachment relationship and was an alternative to large group-based childcare centres, she said.