Lobby Group Has Been Misled, Latta Says

NZPA  8 December 2009

Lobby group Family First is often not given the full story when it champions parents it feels have been prosecuted for minor child discipline offences, psychologist Nigel Latta says. That can lead it to throwing weight behind parents who don’t deserve it and in so doing mislead the public, he told Radio New Zealand today…

Family First spokesman Bob McCoskrie rejected any suggestion it had been misled. It had not relied simply on what prosecuted parents told it, but in some cases had provided the police statement of facts, and sentencing notes. Despite the review finding the opposite, he still did not accept the law was working. He said the review didn’t look at effect of the law on the general confidence and psyche of parents, or whether children felt parents now had less power over them. His “general feedback” indicated there had been changes in parenting.

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