Parents know better than you, Children’s Commissioner told

NZPA 20/11/2009

The man behind a protest march in Auckland tomorrow has told the Children’s Commissioner that parents know better than him about disciplining their children. The “March for Democracy” along Queen Street has been organised to protest the Government’s failure to respond to three citizens-initiated referendums including one calling for the repeal anti-smacking legislation. Auckland businessman Colin Craig, who is funding the march, said it would focus on the Government’s failure to respond to referendums on reducing the number of MPs; a more victim-centred justice system; and amending the anti-smacking legislation. But Children’s Commissioner Dr John Angus said today the march was not in the best interests of children and parents would be better to spend more time with their children. He said the march was also poorly named.

But Mr Craig said parents knew better than Dr Angus what was best for their children. “What worries me is that this tax-paid bureaucrat is trying to dictate once again to good parents what is best for their children. “He needs to wake up and realise that 87.4 percent of New Zealander voters have enough common sense to know he is wrong, and have already decided this matter in the recent referendum.”