Marchers want to meet PM

NZPA 22/11/2009

The organisers of this weekend’s “March for Democracy” say the Government’s response will determine how far and wide they take the campaign. They have requested a meeting with Prime Minister John Key this week to present the “Marchers’ Statement”, endorsed by the 6000 who attended the event in Auckland yesterday. “We have contacted the prime minister’s office today and have requested a meeting this week to present the marchers’ statement and to ask for a response,” said Auckland businessman Colin Craig, who funded the march. “To get thousands of people to give up half a day to express their view and march shows just how strong the feeling is amongst New Zealanders that they want to see politicians deliver what the people ask for. It’s time to honour the citizens and do what the people want,” Mr Craig added. Locally-based marches may take place around New Zealand if the Government refused to talk, he said. “We are willing to take this campaign through to the General Election in 2011 if that is what is required,” Mr Craig said.

….Bob McCoskrie of Family First NZ said it was time Mr Key demonstrated his commitment to democracy. Mr McCoskrie cited a note Mr Key sent to marchers at a demonstration against the Electoral Finance Bill when Mr Key was leader of the opposition. That note said: “I will listen to what people like you, and many thousands of others are saying. You are fighting for a principle. You are fighting for the most important principle. You are fighting for democracy. I salute you.”.

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