Families appointee opposes law on smacking

The Dominion Post 25/11/2009
Smacking law opponent Bruce Pilbrow is being promoted to deputy chief families commissioner as the Government continues to shake up the Families Commission. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett confirmed yesterday she intended to promote Mr Pilbrow, whom she hand-picked for the commission this year alongside Christine Rankin. The appointment of Ms Rankin, who is also an opponent of the child discipline law that the commission officially endorses, caused controversy, but Mr Pilbrow’s selection was more low-key.

Mr Pilbrow is chief executive of Parents Inc, a conservative, Christian-based parent-support group set up by Ian and Mary Grant. Ms Bennett said she had promoted him because he represented a cross-section of parents and had a “different set of skills” from Chief Commissioner Jan Pryor. “Bruce represents a broad bulk of what day-to-day parents are going through. He concentrates on what matters, instead of working on fringe issues,” Ms Bennett said.