Teens ‘don’t see enough of parents’

The Press 31/10/2009

More than half of Kiwi teenagers believe they do not see enough of their parents. The Social Report figures, released this week by the Ministry of Social Development, were worse than previous statistics. They have led an Auckland University expert to suggest parenting programmes for all Kiwi parents. “Parents are looking for something that is practical and effective,” Professor of Parenting Studies Matthew Sanders said. “Most Government investment in parenting programmes are for families who are already experiencing serious problems. “That sort of investment in an individual parenting programme is never going to solve the problem.”

Sanders said some families needed lighter interventions, while some needed more help. “We need a suite of evidence-based programmes that fits the needs of the different types of families.” The Social Report 2009 said 46 per cent of teenagers believed they got enough time with their mothers, while 39 per cent felt they had enough time with their fathers.