“Family friendly” viewing saturated with violence

Newstalk ZB 31/10/2009

Media regulators are being told to get their act together, and clean up the so-called “family friendly” viewing time on TV. Lobby group Family First says the evening peak period is becoming saturated with bad language, sexual innuendo and promos for adult shows later in the night.

Director Bob McCoskrie says US research shows an alarming rise in violence, in a lot of American programmes that are playing here. He says programmes like Family Guy and American Dad are out of line, and they are undermining the the Government’s “It’s not OK” campaign, because they depict teenage girls as victims and focus on violent themes. Mr McCoskrie says these shows trivialise violence against women, by making a joke out of it. Mr McCoskrie says it is time the Broadcasting and Advertising Standards Authorities stepped in, as they are not doing their job.
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Up to viewers, says BSA
Newstalk ZB 01/11/2009
The Broadcasting Standards Authority is defending its stewardship of standards on TV, saying it is up to viewers to say what is acceptable. http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/newsdetail1.asp?storyID=165514
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Family First Comment: So the BSA says that if you don’t like the programme – complain. But then they admit that they won’t uphold it! And apparently, according to the BSA, that proves that the tv channels are doing a good job!!!!! Yeah right.