Almost one in three young people ‘lack parental support’ (UK)

Guardian (UK) 12 October 2009

Almost one in three young people in the UK do not receive the support they need from their parents, a study published today shows. Just under a third of the 1,109 young people aged 16 to 25 who took part in The Prince’s Trust charity’s study said neither of their parents had witnessed or celebrated the proudest moment of their lives with them. For many, their proudest moment was getting into university, passing their driving test, getting married or having a baby. Just over one in eight said neither of their parents had even noticed their proudest moment.

The trust said their study showed a high proportion of parents underestimated how important a parent’s approval was to their children. More than half – 54% – of the young people said they valued their parents’ opinions more than anyone else’s. Just under a quarter of the young people valued their partners’ views more than anyone else’s.