A smack works, says Kevin Rudd

Herald Sun Oct 17 09

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has admitted he smacked his children for discipline. “I think I would be absolutely misleading your listeners to suggest that I had not. I have,” he said on radio 3AW on Friday. “And the rule that’s been applied in our family ever since they were tots is that if they’re doing something dangerous they’ll get a, you know, whack across the knuckles.”

Mr Rudd said a gentle tap on his children, Jessica, now 24, Nicholas, 22, and Marcus, 15, had been effective when they were young. “The key thing is a gentle tap on the wrists which is usually, if you know anything about two and three-year-olds, the cause of the quivering bottom lip and the general collapse into tears. It usually registers the message that sticking your finger into that power socket is generally a bad idea, don’t do it.”