Phil Goff apologises for PC ‘sideshows’

The Dominion Post 13/09/2009

Labour leader Phil Goff today apologised for mistakes made by the last Government and and its focus on “politically correct” issues. In his keynote speech to 500 delegates at the party’s annual conference in Rotorua, he said Labour had done a lot that was right – including Kiwisaver, Working for Families tax relief and lowering unemployment. But those were not the things that cost it a fourth term.

“Labour lost office last year because we didn’t make clear enough that our priority was to help ordinary New Zealand families make progress in their lives,” he said. “We were voted out because they thought we were getting distracted by sideshows. The Winston Peters’ funding saga, the Electoral finance Act. Errant MPs. Smacking. Light bulbs. Shower heads.”
Goff apologises for Labour’s past
Sorry for the smacking laws, sorry for changes to campaign funding, sorry for the Winston Peters saga and sorry for digging dirt on John Key.