Call for new smacking referendum

The Press 07/09/2009

Smacking referendum campaigner Larry Baldock wants a referendum, to run in conjunction with elections in 2011, on whether the results of referendums seeking repeal or amendment of any law should be binding. The Kiwi Party leader and a leading organiser of the smacking referendum said the refusal of Prime Minister John Key to act on the result of that referendum raised questions about the abuse of executive power.

On Friday, ACT MP John Boscawen challenged MPs to turn up at public meetings he was organising in their electorates to protest the decision not to change the law that bans smacking. His targets include Key and Labour leader Phil Goff. “This is no longer just about the smacking referendum, it’s about the whole democratic process in New Zealand.” Boscawen strongly supported holding the referendum. He is championing the 87.4 per cent of voters who said they did not think “a smack as part of good parental correction” should be a criminal offence.