Timaru unhappy with smacking law poll

The Timaru Herald 20/08/2009

Many Timaruvians think smacking should be legal and are casting their vote to say so. The Timaru Herald spoke to people on Stafford St at lunchtime yesterday to gauge feelings about the citizens initiated referendum on smacking and discovered many had already returned their voting papers. The referendum asks voters to consider this question: should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand? Nationally more than 1,330,900 votes had been returned.

Pensioner Fred Wederell, 76, is one of those who has already returned his voting papers. “I think this is important. People aren’t happy with the new law. I think people are wanting change.” Eight of the 12 people who responded to the poll said they would vote. Seven of those said they had ticked “no”.