Punishment has its place : Latta

Taranaki Daily News 13/08/2009

Nigel Latta has hit a nerve with some viewers with his bring-back-punishment methods for bringing up your kids. The star of The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show: The First Decade on TV One which is stealing the ratings on Wednesday nights, revealed yesterday that he is getting hate mail. “Being on TV is great. You can p…. off people you have never even met.” But the clinical psychologist, from Dunedin, told the Taranaki Daily News he did not advocate hitting your kids. If he did, he would be struck off his professional body, the New Zealand Psychological Society. He personally had never advocated smacking, he says. The current referendum on smacking was “hopelessly political”, had been left in a no-win situation, and was a waste of $9m. “I think the referendum is dumb and the law change was dumb. The whole issue for me is a nightmare.”

But he is a strong advocate for a return to commonsense punishment in this PC world, he says. “We’ve got rid of punishment. We don’t do it any more. But I think there’s a value in punishment. It makes you think about what might not be a good idea,” he said.